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Tribe County Farms
Contact: Mitch Havemann
Address: 716 N Rose Farm Rd, Woodstock, IL 60098 Woodstock, IL, 60098
About Us
Heather graduated with a degree from CSU in Agriculture Business and minor in Real Estate. She learned about aquaponics her freshmen year and knew that was her passion and what she wanted to do. While in college she interned at an aquaponics farm, where she learned the daily operations and skills along with touring several other aquaponics businesses. Heather has always loved fish and plants so putting them together in one system is her dream job.

When Mitch learned about aquaponics, he knew it was a business that he wanted to be a part of. With a background of electrical and mechanical work, it made him the perfect partner to compliment Heather’s science background. Mitch built the system which holds approximately 65,000 gallons of water in our 6,000 square foot greenhouse.

Tribe~ The ones that never leave your side, put faith in you and remind you who you really are. These are the people you know will be in your life forever - the ones that would drop everything and be there no matter what.
How fast do the fish and lettuce grow?

Our fish start off around .5 grams and we harvest them around 1.8 pounds. This growth period takes 6 months. Depending on the type of lettuce, typically it will grow from seed to harvest in 30-40 days. This happens much faster than in soil due to our nutrient rich water which is produced naturally from the fish.

Why Aquaponics and where did you learn about this?

We can grow year round in a controlled environment while producing more lettuce in a small amount of space. Also, we get free & natural fertilizer from the fish vs. using chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. After learning about aquaponics, we knew it would be a good addition to the community. See the "About Us" section for more background.