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Hazzard Free Farms
Contact: Andrea Hazzard
Address: 5111 Ahrens Rd. Pecatonica, IL,
About Us
Woman Owned and Operated, Hazzard Free Farm is proud to be seed to table. Andy grows heirloom grains and corn, maintains her own seed stock and then plants, harvests, dries, cleans and mills all of the grains on the farm. The farm is nestled in softly rolling hills along the banks of a small creek that runs year round. It is home to a small herd of sheep, Sniglet the pig, some guinea, dogs and cats. Wildlife abounds from beaver to cranes and eagles and recently an osprey as there is 25 acres of trees along the creek which has become a safe passage for wildlife.
I am working to find a balance between annual grains and perennial pasture. The goal is to never have the soil bare and always be building soil tilth and health. In turn this will protect the land from wind and water erosion and leave it richer, more resilient and more productive for the future.

There are many ways to define yourself as a farmer, sustainable, regenerative, permaculture, bio-dynamic, organic, non-gmo so on and so forth.

My beliefs around farming are deeply tied to the spiritual connections that I experience in my daily life as I interact with Nature. I am Nature and Nature is me. I am spiritually connected to this planet, this Earth we call home. The word that best describes my experience is Gaian. For me, all of it is a collective spiritual being, akin to a choir singing it is all interconnected and one, though made up of many. I am also an Agrarian, I make my living from working with the land. So Gaian Agrarian it is. I strive to weave my knowledge of native landscapes and plants into my farming practices. I pull from all realms of my knowledge, philosophy, geology, ecology, forestry, horticulture, spirituality, astrology, agriculture, permaculture, art, archeology and more to tease out the answers that can help me to dance this dance of humans and nature.